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NoogaSystems ( a New Company)

About Us

NoogaSystems (NS), LLC is a woman-owned, small business (WOSB) that opened its doors in 2017 as a new and thriving technology company focusing on high quality products and customer satisfaction. 

NS is located in Chattanooga, TN serving the local community and the world of online retail.  NS is here to offer its customers the very best products in gamingcomputingvirtual reality (VR)accessories and other technologies, including online web services such as:  web domain names, web hosting, web site development, web security & privacy, E-commerce solutions, email creation, technical support and much more…

NS can build you the very best in  custom gaming computer packages and PCs   for all your needs, whether for  business, gamingVR or  home  use.  We offer high quality pre-built PC systems that support a wide range of options from basic email and web browsing to using MS Office, CAD Systems or performing extreme VR gaming functions.   At NS, we offer a variety of warranty options for all our products including our gaming computer systems and VR units.

NS continues to offer services over the phone and online for technical support for all your software and hardware issues, whether it’s for businesses or consumers.  We are “your technology services company” and are here to help!

NS can also create custom software to cater to your internal business needs.  Whether you need software off the shelf, software customization, automation or modifications to your existing business applications, our experts are here to help.