Posted on of Chattanooga, TN is offering customers Virtual Reality (VR) products

NoogaSystems of Chattanooga, TN delivers VR Ready PC Packages for VR Ready Gaming PCs and VR Ready Business PCs.  NoogaSystems offers 3 models of VR Ready Gaming Computers:

  • Ruptor-X Gaming PC Bundle (VR Ready)
  • Ruptor Gaming PC (VR Ready)
  • Tectonic Gaming PC (VR Ready)
  • Sorus Gaming PC (VR Ready)


NoogaSystems offers 2 models of VR Ready Computers for business, consumers and gamers:

  • Falcon-1 Mid Tower PC Bundle (VR Ready)
  • Greyhound Mid Tower PC (VR Ready)


NoogaSystems also offers a wide range of VR Accessories:

  • VR Gaming Set & Gaming PC Bundle
  • VR Gaming Sets & Controllers
  • VR Vive Headsets
  • VR Vive Headset Skins
  • VR Vive Controllers
  • VR Vive Controller Skins
  • VR Vive 3-in-1 Cable

NoogaSystems offers a wide range of Gaming PC Accessories:

  • Gaming Stereo Headsets
  • Gaming Controllers
  • Gaming Keyboards
  • Gaming Mouse
  • Gaming Mouse Pads

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