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Guy Plays VR for 168 Hours (Full Week) Straight for Science


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NoogaSystems VR Gaming Center – Kid VR Parties

Elven Assassin-MP

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Kid Birthday Party – VR Game Play of Beat Saber

Kid Birthday Parties

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Seven Things To Do To Avoid VR Motion Sickness


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Verizon is Using VR to Help Train Employees How to Handle Scary Situations


Suppose you are a Verizon employee getting ready to open the store when a group of strangers come barging in with guns pointed directly at you with the intent of robbing the store.

How would you react or handle this scary situation?

Traditional on-the-job training would cover this scenario with other employees sitting in a classroom that would include handout with pictures and text to visualize and describe the situation. However, with VR, it can bring this scary situation to life (as a real life scenario), which greatly enhances the training above and beyond traditional classroom training. Using VR better prepares you on how to handle scary situations.

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NoogaSystems Holiday Hours

NoogaSystems VR Center will closed on the following days during the Holiday Season. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  • Thu December 27 – CLOSED
  • Fri December 28 – CLOSED
  • Sat December 29 – CLOSED
  • Sun December 30 – CLOSED

  • Resuming normal hours on Thursday, January 3, 2019.

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    NoogaSystems VR Center Adds New VR Games!

    Kid Birthday Party

    NoogaSystems has added some new games to its VR Gaming Center collection.

    We recently added the following games:

    • Stand Out Battle Royale for VR (Similar to Fortnite)
    • Rush
    • Cave Digger
    • HoloLab Champions
    • Insanity VR
    • Taphouse

    Play VR HERE!!!


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    Beat Saber in VR is Getting New Updates!

    Beat Saber

    Beat Saber will be getting new updates soon! Play Beat Saber at NoogaSystems VR Center in Chattanooga.

    New features will be:

    • Expert+ levels
    • New modifiers
    • Lights optimisation
    • New swords
    • Practice mode
    • Optimised game performance
    • Improved graphics
    • Player statistics
    • And more!

    Click here for more details.

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    Use VR to Help You Learn How to Play the Drums!

    Kids Birthday Parties

    Learn how to play the drums with VR!


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    NoogaSystems Offering Limited Promotion!

    Get 15 minutes of VR Play Time for FREE with the purchase of a 30 minute package (45 minutes for only $30.00).

    Offer begins on December 1, 2018 and expires on December 30, 2018.

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    Medical Training Center coming to VR

    Queen’s University Announces Dedicated VR Medical Training Center


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    Check Out Our New Lower Prices for VR Birthdays & VIP Passes!

    Corporate Party

    NoogaSystems VR Center has lowered its prices for VR Birthday Parties & VIP Passes!

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    VR Birthday Parties @ NoogaSystems VR Center

    Try something new by bringing your kid’s next Birthday Party to the NoogaSystems VR Center for amazing fun!!!


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    Face Your Fears in VR @ NoogaSystems VR Center

    Try out some of our horror games like: Face Your Fears, Paranormal Activity, Emily Wants to Play, and more…

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    Halloween at NoogaSystems VR Center

    Get your frills and thrills this Halloween Season at NoogaSystems VR Center. Below is our current line up of horror programs and games.

    Horror & Scary

    • Face Your Fears
    • Paranormal
    • A Chair in a Room
    • Emily Wants to Play
    • Isolation
    • Bellows Encounters
    • Dark Days
    • Dreadhalls
    • Brookhaven Experiment
    • Syren

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    NoogaSystems VR Center has Fortnite Style Game in VR – PLAY VR HERE!

    NoogaSystems has Rec Royale in VR which is very similar to Fortnite!

    Come Play Rec Royale in VR at NoogaSystems VR Center, Amazing Fun!!!

    Hands-on: ‘Rec Royale’ is a Promising VR Battle Royale Shooter From ‘Rec Room’

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    NoogaSystems Gaming Tournaments

    NoogaSystems Chattanooga VR Center is now offering gaming tournaments for traditional gaming competitions and VR competitions. Get the best VR Arcade experience and fun for the entire family. NoogaSystems offers a new and fun thing to do in Chattanooga.

    Visit for more details.


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    NoogaSystems has Beat Saber in VR – Get a Workout!

    NoogaSystems has the Beat Saber program for both the Oculus and Vive VR Systems at its Chattanooga VR Center.

    Come try out Beat Saber and get a workout!

    One man loses 138 pounds playing Beat Saber.  See more at VRScout below:

    Man Loses 138 Pounds Following Beat Saber Workout Routine


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    NoogaSystems Opens Up the 1st and ONLY VR Center in Chattanooga!

    NoogaSystems opens the first and only Chattanooga Virtual Reality Center, offering customers virtual reality demos, products and accessories. Customers can demo a wide range of virtual reality programs and games on multiple platforms.

    Whether customers are a beginner or advanced, the Chattanooga VR Center offers many options, including accessories and virtual reality ready gaming personal computers to begin.

    The Chattanooga Virtual Reality Center has virtual reality games and programs for both kids and adults and virtual reality stations from beginners to experts.  Customers may schedule private sessions or pay as they go as well as private parties for businesses and birthdays.

    The Chattanooga Virtual Reality Center can also bring virtual reality centers to a business, workplace and home.

    The Chattanooga Virtual Reality Center is at 8115 East Brainerd Road, Suite #20.  Call 702-6644 or email for more information.

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    NoogaSystems Sponsors new Chattanooga VR/AR Technology Group

    NoogaSystems sponsors the new Chattanooga VR/AR Technology Group meetings!

    This is a new group for anyone interested in VR/AR technologies.

    Chattanooga VR/AR Technology

    Chattanooga, TN
    1 Members

    This is a group for anyone located in the Chattanooga area that is interested in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. All skill levels are welcome from beginners to experts….

    Check out this Meetup Group →

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    NoogaSystems 1st and Only VR Center – Radio Advertisement

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    First 15 Minutes of VR for FREE @ Chattanooga VR Center

    For a limited time, get your first 15 minutes of VR for free at NoogaSystems VR Center!






    by NoogaSystems

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    NoogaSystems – Chattanooga VR Center is Now Open

    Chattanooga VR Center

    Whether you’re a beginner or advanced; our Chattanooga VR Center has everything you need in virtual reality, including accessories and VR ready gaming PC’s to get you going.  Stop by for a demo and more:

      • Latest VR Games and Programs for both kids & adults
      • VR Gaming Stations from beginners to expert
      • Schedule private sessions or pay as you go (click here to make reservations)
      • Ask about our monthly, quarterly or annual VIP passes (BEST DEAL)
      • Enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks
      • Schedule a private party for businesses or birthdays
      • We can bring VR Centers to your business, workplace or home
      • Need help training your workforce?  Let Us Help with VR!





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    VR Tutorial for Beginners


    If you are new to VR, you will first need to familiarize yourself with the 3D space after putting on the VR goggles for the first time. Within your allotted room space, you can move around and move your hands or controllers to get familiarized with the movements in VR space. Take notice of the dashed walls that pop-up when you get too close or are about to exceed your room space limitations. As you move about for a few minutes, make sure you do not experience any dizziness or vertigo symptoms. You may also want to temporarily remove the goggles to see where you are within your allotted room space and to allow a short break from VR since its your first time.


    Before you are able to use your controllers, you must familiarize yourself with each button and their functions in VR space, like:  moving/teleporting or jumping; grabbing, throwing or dropping objects; modifying viewing options, accessing menu settings, exiting programs when your done and much more. The more you practice with your VR controllers by using the button features, the easier it will be to maneuver and control your VR avatar. This will also help you improve your hand and eye coordination within VR space.

    For more details on VR tutorial for beginners, please visit NoogaSystems VR Center in Chattanooga, TN.

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    New Address Location for NoogaSystems VR Center

    New Location for VR Store Front is:

    8115 East Brainerd Road, Suite #20, Chattanooga, TN, 37421

    Opening on Wednesday August 8, 2018!

    Provided by NoogaSystems

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    Chattanooga VR Center by NoogaSystems

    Coming SOON!

    New VR Center Opening in Chattanooga on August 8, 2018; Offered by NoogaSystems.

    Whether you are new, intermediate or advanced; our Chattanooga VR Center has everything you need in virtual reality, including accessories and gaming PC’s to get you going.  Stop by for a demo and more:

    • Latest VR Games and Programs
    • VR Gaming Centers for beginners to expert
    • Schedule private sessions or pay as you go
    • Ask about our monthly, quarterly or annual VIP passes (BEST DEAL)
    • Enjoy snacks/drinks for a small fee while having fun
    • Schedule a private party for businesses or birthdays
    • We will bring VR Centers to your business, workplace or home
    • Need help training your workforce.  Let Us Help!

    VR Gaming and Accessories

    Located @ 8115 East Brainerd Road, Suite #20, Chattanooga, TN, 37421